The Value and Beauty of Parc Komo

ParcKomo of Singapore

Parc komo is one of the most interesting places in Singapore for fun lovers. The place is an integrated resort, with the charm of rustic Changi. Parc Komo is designed after keeping various things in mind about comfortability. This park resort is all about nature, life, and community. This allows its guests to enjoy dining, shopping, and other daily needs things. A new shop has been introduced recently which is a boutique. The place was formerly Changi garden, but now its in the form of a resort. The CEL development bought this in $248.8 million, but the price for this property was $196 million. The whole resort has been designed according to the comfort level of the visitors.

Location of Parc Komo

One can reach the Parc Komo condo easily with public and private transport. The close vicinity of this place from MRT station and public transport makes it easy to reach this place in no time. One can also reach this place with the medium f their private transport system and the less distance increase the connectivity of this place from other important places in Singapore as well as Changi garden. Residents can take Tampines expressway or Pan-island expressway to get around anywhere in Singapore. Changi gardens are very much close to MRT airport.

A good number of facilities are there in the vicinity of the Changi garden for which residents can take advantage like educational institutions or childcare institutes. One can find nearest primary schools as white sands primary schools, east spring primary school, and Pasir Ris primary school. Many more places are there like childcare center as well as primary, secondary and international schools.

Supermarkets and grocery markets are also very much close to this place, approximately 9 minutes of walk or 650 meters away. Despite all these facilities, this place is famous amongst the locals for wine shops, beer bars, pubs, restaurants, coffee houses, artisanal shops, and many more things.

About CEL developers

Parc komo location can be the dream destination of all those investors and home buyers as it is based on a better location. The CEL developers have decided to build low rise condos and retail shops for the interested buyers. The company is offering small budget buyers to buy their property which is located at a very nice location.

The company has not yet disclosed the price of the units, whether it can rise or fall. The parc komo project is about to be financed by the group partners or the company will take a loan from the bank to complete its project.

After watching the grand structure, the buyers would not be able to stop themselves before buying this beautiful unit in Parc komo. They would not like to miss this great opportunity of purchasing this condo, whatever will be the price of it, it doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is quality and is giving all these comforts to the residents.