The River Valley Condo Worth Watching – The Avenir

Location Map of The Avenir

The Avenir is one of the best investment properties in Singapore which is responsible for setting up a residential neighborhood at the Core Central region of this throbbing city. While buying a residential property, many people prefer to stay within the proximity of shopping, institutions, financial organizations, and happening nightlife along with the nearness of natural beauty. Considering all these essential things, investing in the Avenir in Singapore will be the best decision ever.

The Rental Potential of the Avenir

The main aspect of investing in the Avenir is that the property always has good values, even in the poor economic condition of the real estate industry. When the situation improves, the values go higher than normal. This improving structure of the value tells that the profit of the property will increase in the coming years.

At the central core region of Singapore, the price of residential property always comes handy because of the lack of premium residential houses, and that’s why the ever-growing and constant demand never goes out-of-date. You can own an elite property at an affordable rate in this area of Singapore.

Easy to find a tenant

There are numerous ex-pats and other people are searching for renting properties in the central core region of the Avenir. 

The luxury of the properties is available here at a reasonable price and that is the main reason why people, specifically, the young generation get attracted to this property. Besides that, it is also the location and connectivity that attracts people more to buy property here. The demand is uprising while the supply is limited; therefore, purchasing a rental property at the Avenir can be an awesome choice.

The Avenir- Perfect for Families

If the reasonable price and value of the property are the top important reasons for buying property at the Avenir, the next thing you need to remember that the location of the Avenir is great. There are lots of schools, playgrounds, parks, etc. are closer to the Avenir where your child will get a healthy surrounding to grow up. 

The River Valley Primary School is located quite close to the Avenir from where you can take a walk to the school. While parents can drop-off and pick up young kids from school, the older kids can reach school and come back home alone without any fear.

Childcare and preschools

For the working parents, the Avenir Condo Development is beneficial as there are lots of child-care centers and preschools, located near the River Valley School.

The peaceful neighborhood and the proximity with nature are another reason for the popularity of The Avenir. Children can have lots of fun as there are numerous parks and playgrounds around where they can play.

Centers of Shopping Near the Avenir

Along with local shopping, dining, and other modes of entertainment can also be enjoyed near the Avenir. You will find lots of happening places to enjoy your nightlife nearby.

You can visit the Orchard Road that is quite close to the Avenir, which is the best destination of the shopaholics. Visit Robertson Walk, The Orchard Central, and Great World City for shopping from your heart’s content and those are only within walking distance from the Avenir.